Radio Show Appearance!

Hi Everyone,

Carol here checking in from Missouri City, TX! I just wanted to let everyone know about a radio show, where I will be interviewed as a guest by show host Terri Belford this Thursday.

We will be talking about my experiences in Teri’s art marketing class that she conducted this last July at Patti Digh’s “Life is a Verb” camp, held in incredible Asilomar, CA.

Above image is an Art Glass Visions design created at Asilomar

This experience was the keystone in bringing Art Glass Visions to life.  Teri provided a comfortable and safe place for artists of all experiences and backgrounds to share.

I can’t give it all way here, so you’ll have to join us for the chat at “Inspired Livelihood,” with further information to come soon.

Sashaying* away,

(Self-Appointed Queen of Everything)

*To walk in an ostentatious yet casual manner, typically with exaggerated movements of the hips and shoulders.